Dr Phil Lockie  
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Hernia & General Surgery

Hernia & General Surgery
an overview

Dr Phil Lockie can provide the full range of General and Hernia Surgery.

As a member of the European Hernia Society, Dr Lockie keeps up with the latest information regarding hernia repair, and applies it to the practice as appropriate. As a laparoscopic surgeon, Dr Lockie prefers laparoscopic hernia repair wherever possible.

As an Upper GI surgeon, Dr Lockie regularly performs laparoscopic cholecystectomy, both as a planned procedure and also in the emergency situation, when a patient is admitted with acute gallbladder problems.

We can also offer all the "bits and pieces" of General Surgery, such as removal of lumps and bumps, toenail surgery, upper and lower endoscopy. Dr Lockie is a GESA certified endoscopist.

Please feel free to look around the Hernia and General Surgery section of our website for more detail on surgery performed at our practice, as well as information on common medical conditions