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Surgical Patient Information Blog

Surgical Patient Information Blog

Information for patients who have been through, or are considering surgery.

A Patient Testimonial

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thank you to this patient for allowing us to share her experiences, after Gastric Bypass surgery : "1 year later I'm now 95kg and it's the lowest weight I have been as an adult. I have so much more confidence.

My priority was to be able to go out in public without looking like a circus freak and I think I'm there! I'll never go back.  I also want to thank you all (particularly the wonderful Michelle Van Vuuren) for your support and assistance. I really believe that I would have been significantly less successful without the team's support. I now realise the importance of the support after speaking to others who had similar surgery by other doctors and there was really little or no after care at all.
I can confidently say that having the operation was the best thing I've ever done.
Again, thank you so so much. You've given me my life back. Ludicrously corny to say but true anyway!!" 

- Mrs CH
Initially 172kg. 

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