Free Consulation

Please take this opportunity to book your no obligation consultation with Nurse Practitioner*, Shirley Lockie.

Shirley  will provide information on the types of surgery available, program appointments and answer any questions you may have about the entire process. Consultations are available in person or via online video consultation ("Telehealth").

This appointment may lead to a clinical appointment conducted by Dr Phil Lockie.

Even if a client does not proceed with surgery, this practice has an open door policy. This enables the client to have contact with specialists and the facility of the support group.

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Our Service

 *The service is linked to Dr Phil Lockie a Bariatric surgeon by a collaborative agreement as per the Nurse Practitioner legislation.  All weight loss clinic patients are under the management of the Nurse Practitioner unless referred to other health practitioners.


    Free Consulation

    With Shirley Lockie. Book Now Consultations are conducted by Shirley Lockie free of charge, to provide information on the types of surgery available and the program appointments.


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