Jamelle: Changing Family History

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Jaque After

Weight Loss Details

Procedure: Sleeve Gastrectomy

Surgery Date: December 2021

Pre Surgery Weight: 104kg

Current Weight: 59kg

Why Choose Dr Lockie

Dr Lockie was one of several surgeons my doctor recommended I research and choose.

After researching all of the ones on the list I decided on Dr Lockie largely because of the multidisciplinary team and ongoing support that was provided as part of the surgery. I felt that would ensure I would have the best chances of success.

Additionally, when I had the surgery, I was on a lot of complex medication and Dr Lockie's team were very knowledgeable and reassuring about how this might affect the surgery, or how the surgery would affect my medication.

Jamelle's Weight Loss Journey

A Family History of Weight Gain

My weight loss journey actually started with my mother’s. We are very much alike, both very skinny when we were younger, only to balloon in weight at around 24 years old.

For mum, that coincided with when she had me, so it was assumed it was just pregnancy weight that was proving impossible to shift. For myself, it coincided with a depression diagnosis and starting medication, so was seen as inevitable due to that.

All the women on my mother’s side became overweight in their 20s (usually around the same time as childbirth) so it was also seen as inevitable. Neither my mum nor I ate a lot, we were grazers and would rather eat small amounts regularly so I always assumed that weight loss surgery wouldn’t work for me. After all, I already didn’t overeat so cutting it down further would do nothing!

A Life Changing Decision

Then my mum decided to get the surgery. I admit I was against it at first, but seeing the fantastic result she achieved prompted me to ask the questions I had, and ultimately decide to do it for myself as well.

I had a rough time after the surgery as I had trouble learning when I was actually full as opposed to just wanting to taste more. I did learn, however, and now it’s much less of an issue and I never throw up from eating too much (a big relief!).

Over the course of a year I lost nearly half my body weight! I am now holding steady at 59kg, which is only 4kg heavier than when I was a teenager, and while I’ll be happy with my weight around 65kg, this is good too.

It’s great to be able to shop at cheap stores like KMart and buy the pretty, girly clothes rather than the formless sacks.

No Knee Pain - More Physical Activity

The knee pain that used to be a constant when going up and down the stairs has completely vanished. I started ice skating again and am able to skate for a couple hours with no breaks where before I could only do two or three circuits before needing to sit down.

The other day I helped a friend move, moving all the heavy furniture, and while it was exhausting it was nowhere near as painful as it used to be before the weight loss. I enjoy exercising now whereas before I always hated it and I value food more as well.

Attitude to Food Has Changed

Since I can only eat a small amount, I focus on eating the best parts first, instead of saving the best for last, which means I enjoy every bite.

There are still tough times, especially when I’m stressed and all I want to do is inhale a cheese pizza myself, but those urges are becoming less and less as I find other ways to destress that don’t involve food.


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