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Welcome to Dr Lockie's Practice

Dr Phil Lockie Weight Loss Surgeon Brisbane

Weight Loss Surgery

The first step in your journey to change starts here.

Take that first step with Dr Lockie and his expert integrated team. 14 years together making a difference in patients lives.

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Relaxed Atmosphere in Dr Lockie's

Feel at ease in Dr Lockie's Practice

Feel at ease in Dr Phil Lockie's practice right from the start.

From our specially designed rooms to our highly trained support staff who provide that personal touch, you immediately feel welcome.

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Clinical Team Working Together

Dr Phil Lockie Weight Loss Surgeon and Team

Integrated team approach before, during and after surgery.

For over fourteen years we have been developing and refining our multi disciplinary approach to patient care. From our clinical services to permanent ongoing access to our support services.

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Bariatric Surgery Registry - Leading Contributor 2021

Awarded BSR Lead Contributor Status

Leading edge evidence based procedures from our awarded team.

For the past six years Dr Lockie's practice has been awarded Leading Contributor status from the respected Bariatric Surgery Registry(BSR) for their part in the BSR research effort.

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Weight Loss Support Group

Brisbane Weight Loss Support Group

You will have ongoing access to our monthly support group.

We are personally committed to your future good health, so all of Dr Lockie's patients can attend our monthly Weight Loss Support Group and other support services.

Find out more here about when it's on and how it works.

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Dr Lockie's Guide To Bariatric Surgery

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Our Team

Our experienced team offers you expert support from the very beginning of your clinical journey. Click below to read more on each.


    Weight Loss and General Surgeon


    Shirley Lockie - Perioperative Nurse Surgical Assistant


    Michelle Graham - Dietitian, Nutritionist


    Dr Michele Van Vuuren - Psychologist


    Vikki Blore - Receptionist


    Fiona Jahnke - Receptionist

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