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Dr Lockie's Weight Loss Success Rate Comparison

The whole team here at Dr Lockie's Practice has a strong belief in the multi-disciplinary approach to bariatrics delivering better outcomes for patients.

We put that belief to the test with our contribution to the Bariatric Surgery Registry (BSR*) where data from our work with patients is fed into the BSR to further their research work.

Recent statistics from BSR demonstrate that the team approach works, not only with short term results, but with medium to long term success as well.

The graphs below compare Dr Lockie's data with the comparable average of all BSR contributors for a four year period after surgery.

Favourable Weight Loss Comparison

Excess weight loss  Dr Lockie Vs national average
Figure 1: Percentage Loss of Excess Weight of Dr Lockie's Patients vs BSR Average


Total Weight Loss Dr Lockie Vs All BSR contributorsFigure 2: Percentage Loss of Total Weight of Dr Lockie's Patients vs BSR Average

These graphs clearly demonstrate our patients are less likely to regain weight, even years after the surgery.

Our Integrated Approach to Weight Loss Works

We believe that it is the integrated team approach, working with a network of specialists who understand metabolic surgery, which ultimately provides our patients with maximum health benefits.

We pride ourselves on delivering expert care for excellent results and are grateful to our patients who have responded well to our approach.

If you interested in being part of the team approach to weight-loss, book in for a free consultation here when you can find out how we work and what to expect.

* Dr Lockie has been awarded Leading Contributor status of the BSR for the past 5 years. Read more here.

AHPRA disclaimer

*All information is general in nature, patients should consider their own personal circumstances and seek a second opinion. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks


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