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Weight Loss Details

Procedure: Sleeve Gastrectomy

Surgery Date: June 2020

Pre Surgery Weight: 123 kgs

Current Weight: 72 kgs

Why Choose Dr Lockie

I chose Dr Lockies practice because of the extra support offered through not only Dr Lockie & Shirley but also Dr Michele Janse Van Vuuren (Phychologist) and Loretta Howard (Dietitian) and their lovey reception staff.

Ramona's Weight Loss Journey

Years Long Struggle

I struggled for years with my weight. I had medical conditions that had contributed to my weight difficulties. I tried every diet out there resulting in either short term success or no success to speak of.

When I stood on the scales one day and saw 123kg I knew I needed help. That’s when I started to do some research on the sleeve/bypass surgeries.

Dr Lockie's Support Vital

I met with a few specialists and decided on Dr Lockie's practice as they offered the most support and I felt that’s what I needed to get to a healthy place.

I had my surgery in June 2020 and lost the majority of my excess weight over the year that followed. I have successfully maintained my new weight for over a year.

No Longer Struggle With Basics

I no longer struggle with basic things such as walking the dog or even putting my shoes on. I no longer feel out of breath doing small tasks such as vacuuming my floors.

The support from Dr Lockie and his team is what got me to this point. I now feel fit, healthy and free to live my life.

A big thank you to Dr Lockie and his team.



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