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Dr Lockie's Clinical Discussion and Metabolic Management

Dr Lockie will be leading a Clinical Discussion for General Practioners and other medical professionals at a Medical Mastery event at Gambaro's Seafood Restaurant on August 8 2024. He will be ... Read More

May 2024 Support Group Report

Winter Wellness Tips from the  May Support Group Here is the May Support Group report from Dr Michele Van Vuuren. Guest Speaker was Michelle Graham. Michelle Graham, the practice  D... Read More

More Ways To Access Information on Dr Lockie's Practice

Whilst the internet is a great source of information, it is not everyone's idea of an easily accessible resource. With this in mind, Dr Lockie has produced a handy brochure outlining the servi... Read More

Dr Phil Lockie and Shirley Lockie To Present At Doctors Training

Dr Phil Lockie and Shirley Lockie will be presenting at Ramsay Health Care's "Cutting Edge" GP Education  session at the North West Private Hospital on April 22 2024. They will ... Read More

Dr Lockie Now Accepts Afterpay

Dr Lockie is always looks for ways for his services to be made more accessible. With that in mind, the practice now accepts payments through Afterpay. What Is Afterpay Afterpay is a pa... Read More

February 2024 Support Group Report

Dr Michele Van Vuuren, our support group convenor, has provided us with the report for the February Support Group, a Patient Driven session from February  26, 2024. Our patient driven session... Read More

January 2024 Support Group Summary

The Dr Lockie Weight Loss Support Group is the longest running of its kind in Australia, now embarking on our 17th year. Our resident psychologist, Dr Michele Van Vuuren has provided this summary ... Read More

Support Group Report November 2023

Annual Christmas Get Together The final Weight Loss Support Group for 2023 was a big success with around 40 attendees, including session facilitator, Dr Michele Van Vuuren and practice directors, D... Read More

Best Wishes From The Dr Lockie Team - Christmas 2023

The whole team here at Dr Lockie's Practice would like to all of our clients and their families the very best over the Christmas period. We trust that you will safely enjoy these holidays, (de... Read More

September 23 Weight Loss Support Group Summary

Here is the report from the September 2023 Support Group from Dr Michele Van Vuuren. Unconscious biased beliefs can play a significant role in how individuals perceive and make decisions ab... Read More

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*All information is general in nature, patients should consider their own personal circumstances and seek a second opinion. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks

Note From Dr Lockie

Medications will be assessed pre-operatively and post-operatively. With weight-loss and particularly after surgery, comorbidities can change for the better, particularly e.g., hypertension or diabetes. It is essential for your health that medications are discussed with you, your GP and/or any other specialists such as Cardiologist or Endocrinologist etc.

In addition, use of multivitamins, and alternative supplements should be discussed with the practice to promote your better health.

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