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Dr Lockie IBC Report September 2023

This month, Doctor Phil Lockie and Mrs Shirley Lockie are attending conferences on bariatric and hernia surgery. Here is an update from Dr Phil Lockie. I enjoyed attending the International ... Read More

Screening For Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

Here at Dr Phil Lockie's Practice we aim to achieve the best outcome for every individual. When it comes to metabolic or bariatric surgery, the program with the multidisciplinary team pro... Read More

Weight Loss Support Group Summary - August 2023

Whilst weight loss surgery will have a dramatic effect on your health and wellbeing in the short term, it does not guarantee success in the long term. Patients need to make changes to their habits and... Read More

News On Obesity and Fertility

One of the topics we have been communicating with our patients and followers recently is the link between obesity and fertility. We hope this will help inform our website visitors as well. Obesity... Read More

Weight Loss Support Group Summary - July 2023

The July Support Group was all about physical activity. It's very important that after surgery patients re engage with physical activity for their long term well being. Exercise Physiologists ... Read More

Dr Phil Lockie - Robotics Expertise

Being a leading Laparoscopic Surgeon, particularly in the realms of hernia and bariatrics, Dr Phil Lockie is not content to rely on past practice where proven new techniques and methods have been rese... Read More

Introducing Dr Georgia Rigas

We are lucky to have Dr Georgia Rigus providing locum services to the Dr Lockie Practice, whilst Dr Phil is speaking at conference in the United States during September 2023. Dr Rigus is an intern... Read More

Important Patient Follow Up Notice - SADI and Gastric Sleeve

To SADI and Gastric Sleeve Patients From Over 3 Years Ago Background Dr Lockie's is an evidence based practice which means we use the latest peer reviewed research and guidance from leadin... Read More

Weight Loss Support Group Summary - June 2023

Our June support group meeting on June 26th was a patient driven night. These patient driven meetings allow participants to raise topics and concerns of their own, so each patient driven session i... Read More

Weight Loss Support Group Summary - May 2023

Vickie Blore with a BN Healthy sample. We had an excellent support group meeting on May 29th. We coined it nutrient night, with a presentation by our nutritionist and attendance by BN Healthy,... Read More

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*All information is general in nature, patients should consider their own personal circumstances and seek a second opinion. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks

Note From Dr Lockie

Medications will be assessed pre-operatively and post-operatively. With weight-loss and particularly after surgery, comorbidities can change for the better, particularly e.g., hypertension or diabetes. It is essential for your health that medications are discussed with you, your GP and/or any other specialists such as Cardiologist or Endocrinologist etc.

In addition, use of multivitamins, and alternative supplements should be discussed with the practice to promote your better health.

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