Rosa: Life Is Literally Incredible

Weight Loss Details

Procedure: Gastric BypassSurgery

Date: March 2022

Pre Surgery Weight: 96 kgs

Current Weight: 60 kgs

Why Dr Lockie

Patient care, multidisciplinary team, word of mouth

Rosa's Weight Loss Journey

A Fruitless Longterm Battle

For 10 years I have struggled with weightloss. Underlying health conditions prevented me from losing weight. I've known for years that I'd end up needing the surgery but I persisted with trying without.

I decided at 29 that I no longer wanted to live like I was. I needed help, physical help. I tried it all, diets, fads, shakes and spent hundreds on gym memberships with no progress. I ended up pushing myself too hard at a group fitness class which led to a longterm injury that I am still trying to get right again.

Much Better Than I Imagined

Now I'm 1year post op and I knew things would be better, but my life is literally incredible. I am happier that I could have imagined I'd be. I have a life now, I have so much energy.

My relationship with my partner was great before but amazing now! Things just keep getting better as time goes on!

I cannot wait until I'm 2 years post op, so I can look back at how much further I've come.

Thank You Dr Lockie, Family, Friends, Colleagues

I cannot thank Dr Lockie and his team enough for helping me get my life back, as well as feeling absolutely fabulous!

I'm now unrecognisable and the support from my workmates, family and friends has been overwhelming.

I am so grateful for this second chance at life.


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