Telehealth Consultation

Online video consultations available

Tele-Health allows patients to have a secure consultation with Dr Phil Lockie using an internet-based video and audio platform.  It will be the same as having a consultation in his office without being physically present.  Obviously, we will not be able to perform a physical examination, which maybe required at a later date

It is intended for: 

  1. New and follow-up patients living in remote areas
  2. New and follow-up patients living in Metropolitan Brisbane but far enough away from our office to make a consultation in person difficult.  This applies to patients who are relatively infirm or where transport would be difficult
  3. New patients who wish to have a general discussion about their condition before deciding if they need to attend in person for a physical examination
  4. Follow-up patients who feel that a physical examination will not be necessary

The obvious advantages are that it will save on time and the cost of travelling to our offices.

What do I need to attend a video consultation?

You will require a PC or Mac (desktop or laptop) or mobile device (iPad or smart phone) that has built in video and audio functions or is connected to similar external devices.  A standard ADSL internet connection is also required. 

You can check that these facilities are operating normally on your computer by doing a simple test using Skype with a friend beforehand.

What is the process?

Bookings with Dr Phil Lockie

Dr Phil Lockie is available for Tele-Health consultations for patients unable to attend the clinic in person.  To request a telehealth consultation online with Dr Lockie, click here to request an online consultation. Call our rooms on 07 3355 2011 for more information.  Consultation fees apply and GP Referrals for new patients are necessary as per normal clinic appointments.

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Bookings with Shirley Lockie, our SCOPE certified PNSA

Orientations can be booked with Shirley Lockie, our SCOPE certified PNSA at dedicated times. Consultations are conducted by Shirley Lockie, our SCOPE certified PNSA free of charge, to provide information on the types of surgery available and the program appointments. This appointment is not in place of a clinical appointment performed by Dr Phil Lockie. Even if a client does not proceed with surgery, this practice has an open door policy. This enables the client to have contact with specialists and the facility of the support group. A request for a booking can be submitted online here. Alternatively, you can call our rooms on 07 3355 2011.

Telehealth Sessions

Ahead of your appointment you will receive a unique consultation ID number by email.  At your appointment time go to the bottom of this page and click on Attend a booked consultation.  Simply insert the code and click Connect.

There is no requirement for special software or hardware, however for first-time users, you will be prompted to install the GoToMeeting Client (or a free Pad / iPhone app, depending on your preferred device) when you connect with your consultation.

GoToMeeting is a reputable and secure web-based video conferencing platform. For more information about GoToMeeting, click here


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