Ali: Motivated By Family

Alana Before Later
Alana and her child

Weight Loss Details

Procedure: Sleeve Gastrectomy

Surgery Date: September 2019

Pre Surgery Weight: 152 kgs

Current Weight: 105 kgs

Why Dr Lockie

When we first started to look into bariatric surgery we found Dr Lockie who had many positive reviews. We made the booking to have the initial meeting with his team.

From the very first moment we entered Dr Lockie's office we felt very comfortable and knew we were both making the right decision to have bariatric surgery.

Ali's Weight Loss Journey

Weight - A Lifelong Issue

For as long as I can remember, weight has been a huge issue in my life. I remember when growing up it was always talked about. Like it was ok because I was just big-boned and when I get older the weight will balance out.

I had been on many different weight loss journeys from personal training, meal plans, diets, shakes, and calorie deficits but found that no matter which one I chose, it would work for a time and then it would stop as soon as I wasn't 100% focused.

When I turned 30 I realised that my weight issues were not going to change and this had now become a barrier to fertility for myself and my husband. My husband and I made the decision together in 2019 that we wanted to overhaul our lives and our health to be able to become parents and grow our family of two.

Making A Life Changing Decision

In September 2019 my husband and I both went in for gastric sleeve surgery together on the same day, which is when our new healthier life began. After the surgery we both worked very hard to ensure we motivated and pushed each other to make the most of the gastric sleeve.

The surgery was a tool to assist us to lose the weight and one day become parents. My husband lost over 50 kilos and I lost approximately 63kgs with my lowest weight being 89kgs in October 2021.

IVF Journey - Dream of Family Is Realised

In 2020 and 2021 my husband and I both started our fertility journey by undergoing IVF. This journey of IVF has definitely been much smoother having become a healthier weight and being a healthier version of ourselves. In November 2021 we were so excited to find out that IVF had worked and that we were pregnant with our first child.

In July 2022 I gave birth to a little girl who has made our family complete.

My pregnancy was wonderful, I was the healthiest I had ever been whilst pregnant with picture-perfect blood results, blood pressure, and body weight to maintain and grow our beautiful baby girl!

The past year since having our daughter I have taken the time to slow down, love, and focus on her and to help her to grow by breastfeeding.

Dr Lockie Has Given Us Control

I know that my weight has fluctuated back up to 105kgs however I have accepted that this is my current phase to focus on my daughter and I will have the time to focus back on my weight loss and get back down to 89kgs soon.

I am so grateful to Dr Lockie and his team for helping me and my husband take control of our health and to provide us both with the tools and strategies that assisted us in becoming parents. I cannot promote Dr Lockie's surgery enough and encourage anyone who is second-guessing bariatric surgery to take a chance and meet Dr Lockie.

You will be making positive steps towards a healthier you!

Thank you, Ali.


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