Mae:No Regrets

Maddi Before and After

Weight Loss Details

Procedure: Sleeve Gastrectomy

Surgery Date: September 2020

Pre Surgery Weight: 134.5 kgs

Current Weight: 64 kgs

Why Choose Dr Lockie

I chose Dr Lockie’s Practice as everyone was friendly and supportive. I also liked that everything was in one place such as the psych and dietician and the in depth steps to take before and after surgery.

Mae's Weight Loss Journey

The Decision That Had To Be Made

It took me 5 years to finally make the decision to go ahead with WLS. The stigma around this option is what really held be back. I thought "what would people even think?".

It really hit home when I struggled to run around with my niece and nephew, having to take breaks every 5 minutes. I knew something had to change and it didn’t matter what people would think as I was choosing to take care of myself.

All the other weight loss options I had tried either didn’t work or I couldn’t stick to them.

A Healthier Me With No Regrets

I’ve been fortunate enough to have no side effects since having surgery. Still have been able to pretty much eat everything the same as before, just a smaller quantity.

Having the surgery has given me the tool to become a healthier version of myself for my family, friends and most importantly… me!

I only wish I had made the decision sooner but I don’t have any regrets at all.


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