Our Multi Disciplinary Approach to Weight Loss


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Our Multi Disciplinary Approach to Weight Loss

Optimising Outcomes For Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery

At present bariatric surgery is the most viable and cost-effective treatment for obesity and a number of other related conditions.

Although an excellent option, surgery, combined with a thorough analysis and assessment, optimises your long term result.

Here at Dr Lockie's practice we believe that behavioural, dietary, psychological, physical and medical considerations all play a role in long term weight loss.

Our research strongly suggests that our Multi Disciplinary Team approach to obesity and metabolic surgery achieves the best patients' long term outcomes.

The Dr Lockie Team Approach

Long Term Psychology and Dietitian Support to Improve Weight Loss

Our long term 2 year program assists patients with implementing and maintaining the changes required to  achieve the best possible weight loss outcomes and sustain long term weight maintenance.

  • Significant dietry, psychological and lifestyle changes are required post surgery
  • Pre and postoperative psychoeducation and intervention sessions provide our bariatric patientswith practical knowedge, skills and support.
  • After intitial face to face consultations with our dietitian and psychologist, additional phone consultations will provide ongoing support and minimise barriers such as time, distance and cost.

Although bariatric surgery is effective in achieving weight loss, it is not a "miracle cure". Weight gain tends to be gradual over the long term so our to year program aims to:

  • Address and weight gain at en early stage
  • Improve long term weight and psychosocial outcomes
  • Assist patients to achieve and maintain optimal weight loss for many years to come

Proposed Long Term Intervention Schedule

Goal:To provide patients with the long term support to reach and maintain their optimal weight.

Psychology and Dietitian Intervention

  • The schedule covers the 2 years following surgery
  • Initial assessments and intervention are undertaken as part of the current package (Pre op 2 pyschology and 1 dietitian and post Op 1 pschology and 2 dietitian sessions)
  • Long term follow up schedule starts from 6 weeks
  • Dietitian follow up is scheduled at times or routine pathology to ensure patientshave their pathology done and it is reviewed by the dietitian and surgeon
  • Information is provided to each patient at each intervention point (eg coping with return of hunger at 6 months or managing hgair loss at 3 months)
  • Time frames set in this schedule meet and cover key milestones in a patient's progress in weight loss/metabolic surgery
  • All consults can be claimed following the session by the patient with the health fund

Delivery Expert Care

Your expert team at Dr Lockie's practice with focus on the key points of diet and pschology for 2 years.

This ongoing support is integrated into the practice and Dr Lockie himself should there be any concerns.

Additionally, our monthly Weight Loss Support Group is available to all patients of Dr Lockie.

Our ten years of working together as an integrated team can only benefit our patients and maximise their long term success.

Table 1: Intervention Schedule


Risk Assessment and Analysis

Week 0

Dietitian Initial (1 of 3)

Psychology Initial (1 of 3)


Psychology Review (2 of 3)

Consent with Dr Phil Lockie and Baritric Coordinator

SURGERY - Dr Lockie

Post op with Dr Lockie weeks 2,4,6

2 weeks

Dietitian (2 of 3)

Psychology (3 of 3)

4 weeks (1 month)


6 weeks

Dietitian (3 of 3)

Psychology (1 of 5)

8 weeks


12 weeks


Dietitian (1 of 5)


18 weeks


Psychology (2of 5)

Dr Lockie top up consultations at 6 and 9 months
(optional only or if required)

6 months


Dietitian (2 of 5)


9 months


Psychology (3 of 5)

Annual review with Dr Lockie at 12 months

12 months


Dietitian (3 of 5)


15 months


Psychology (4 of 5)

18 months


Dietitian (4 of 5)


21 months


Psychology (5 of 5)

24 months


Dietitian (5 of 5)


Total long term intervention is 5 x dietitian and 5 x psychology appointments.

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