Jasmine: A New Zest For Life

Jacqui After

Weight Loss Details

Procedure: SADI

Surgery Date: 21/11/22

Pre Surgery Weight: 129 kgs

Current Weight: 100 kgs

Why Choose Dr Lockie

I chose Dr Lockie because one of my friends had surgery with him and had amazing results.

Jasmine's Weight Loss Journey

I Started the Weight Loss Process But Could Not Finish It

I had refused weight-loss surgery for many years as I saw it as the easy way out. I had lost 85kgs on my own with hard work and clean eating.

My body hit a point that no matter what I did it wouldn’t loose any more weight. I was fit but still weighing 130kgs.

I refused surgery for about 10 years, truely believing it was a cop out for lazy people. Many doctors had kept telling me to think about the surgery. I hadn’t lost any weight or gained any in 6 years and I had given up, even though i wanted to lose more.

My Diabetes Was Out Of Control

I have diabetic neuropathy and diabetic retinopathy, I had to do something. My friend had bypass surgery with Dr Lockie and I was envious of her results so I decided to take the first step and make an appointment with Shirley. She made me feel at ease with the lovely calm nature she had.

The next appointment was to see Dr Lockie. I was trembling in the waiting room before he opened the door and called my name. I was terrified.

He took me into his office and talked to me about the procedures. He asked me about my history and why I wanted a weight loss procedure.

Dr Lockie and Shirley both said I needed to see Dr Donaldson about my diabetes, as it needed to be in a good range for surgery. I agreed and finished the discussion about surgery.

The next step was to see the wonderful reception staff. These lovely ladies provided me everything I needed to access my super to be able to pay for the surgery.

Blood Sugar Wasn't So Sweet

Fast forward to the testing stage before surgery, I went in for a gastroscope where my blood sugar level sky rocketed during the procedure.

Dr lockie came to see me in recovery and told me very politely to get my sugar under control or I couldn't have the operation because it was too dangerous.

I had invested time into drawing down on my super and gone through all of the various tests in preparation, so it made me pull my socks up and steel myself. Back to dr Donaldson I went.

My next blood tests confirmed that finally my blood sugar level was in a good range to have surgery.

Hurdles Cleared - A Date Set

I was contacted by the reception team with 2 different dates to choose from which were just over 2 weeks away. I was to start pre op that day.

I was so excited, I took myself to the chemist and bought my supplies immediately. The 2 weeks passed extremely fast and before I knew it, it was surgery day.

I was so excited and a little nervous, I checked myself into the hospital and was sitting in the waiting room to be called in. I was getting more and more nervous as the time went on.

Nervous But Reassured - Your New Life Will Be Starting

Dr Lockie and Shirley walked through the front doors into the hospital, Shirley saw me sitting there waiting. She approached me, and in a calm soft voice asked me how I was. She gently touched my arm and said "It’s going to be ok". I felt reassured just by those few words.

Before long it was my name being called out. I took a deep breathe kissed my husband goodbye and gathered my things. I kept telling myself "you are going for a nice sleep and when you wake up your new life will be starting".

The addition nurse called me into her office, did the checks she needed to do, and took me through to get changed. She put on my pressure socks and my hair net then she took me through to the next waiting room. I sat there for 10 more minutes and was called to another office for medical screening, then it was nearly go time.

I sat in the chair and was approached by another nurse with some medication from Dr Rupchuck, my anaesthestist. Only minutes passed by and the wonderful theatre nurses came to introduce themselves to me and take me into the prep area. It felt like only seconds passed and they were wheeling me away to see Dr Rupchuck.

Did I Just Have Surgery?

While in with Dr Rupchuck he put me completely at ease. He swanned into the room and said "Ivan Rupchuck is the name and Anesthetics is the game". He then proceeded to put the cannula in my arm. I was wheeled to the operating room where I walked in and got on the bed. The team were ready and prepared and it felt like it was only 30seconds before I had the mask on and asleep.

I woke up in recovery and all had gone well. Before I knew it, I was in the ward and having a nice peaceful rest. I woke later and didn’t feel like I had a procedure done. I was sipping the recommended amount of water with ease.

The next day I was up and showered and the physio took me for a walk. She was happy with my progress and I was able to walk without assistance, That meant laps around the ward to help in my recovery.

Both Dr lockie snd Shirley came into see me and I was given a "Day 1" document to follow. Day 1 was easy.

I woke up on day 2 and I said to the nurse taking my obs, "Did I have an operation?". She just looked at me and I had to feel my stomach to feel the wound dressings to confirm that I had!

Surprisingly Quick Recovery - Now On With Life

I felt so amazing. I was up walking around. Dr Lockie came into to see me again and said that I could go home.

My journey post surgery has been very easy. I have not had any pain and no nausea. I can eat everything I am supposed to and consume all the fluid that I need.

I feel amazing, my diabeties is under control and now have a new zest for life. I owe my life to Dr Lockie and his amazing team.


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