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How to Read Food Labels

Deciphering Food Labels For Better Choices You’ve made a new commitment to healthy eating. Perhaps it’s due to having bariatric surgery. Maybe a friend’s wedding is coming up. Or ... Read More

Weight Loss and Fad Diets

Fad diets. Most of us have tried at least one. The keto diet, lemon detox, Atkins, paleo… the list is as long your arm. Many of us are time poor and any shortcut can seem like an attractive... Read More

Bariatric Surgery And Your Mental Health

While bariatric surgery significantly contributes to improving physical comorbidities for patients, there is another aspect to these procedures that need to be considered: the mental health effects an... Read More

Weight Loss Surgery Covered by Medicare and Private Health Insurance

We are often asked if weight loss surgery is covered by Medicare and private health insurance. The short answer is, yes bariatric surgery is covered by Medicare and most private health insurers. P... Read More

9 Common Weight Loss Myths

You've tried everything: exercise, calorie counting, ketogenic diet, Zumba, and all the weight loss tips you can find on the net, but nothing can seem to shake off those extra pounds. Are they rea... Read More

Avoiding Weight Regain After Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery is Not a Quick Fix Weight loss can sometimes feel like a never-ending battle. If you are considering bariatric surgery or have already undergone surgery, it is important to rememb... Read More

Boredom Eating: Tips to break the habit

Eating When Bored  Can Lead to Unhealthy Eating Habits If you ransack your refrigerator, pantry and kitchen cabinets when you're bored, welcome to the club. Boredom does make you hungr... Read More

Important Information for Bariatric Patients re Alcohol

As part of our pre-operative advice we do talk about alcohol intake and bariatric surgery. A recent study from the U.S.A. looked at the effects of drinking alcohol after gastric bypass and sleeve ... Read More

Importance of Our Two-year Multi-Disciplinary Program

Two-year Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Permanent Weight Loss At Phil Lockie Surgery your support doesn’t stop once surgery is complete, we follow a two-year, multi-disciplinary approach to e... Read More

Dr Lockie Takes a Team Oriented Approach

Dr Phil Lockie's surgery takes a team approach to patients to help improve patient outcomes. This multi-disiplinary approach includes a pre-operative specialist, dietitian and pyschologist in ... Read More

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