National Bariatrics Day

1st July is National Bariatrics Day  
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Dr Phil Lockie - Knowledgable

In all aspects of the bariatric practice our staff are knowledgeable and are here to help you

Dr Phil Lockie - Helping You

If you are serious about weight loss we are serious about helping you


Bariatric Surgery - Weight Loss Clinic

Our practice is specifically designed to help you relax

Our fish tank is a particular favourite as it soothes the mind. Our furniture is comfortable and not closed in to assist those who need more space.

Dr Phil Lockie - Surgeon

An integrated approach to bariatric surgery supported with a program of care

This program has been running for 8 years. We have patients attending our support group since we started in 2007.



Click here to request a free consultation with Mrs Shirley Lockie to discuss your options for obesity surgery.




All practice patients welcome

The group meetings are managed by our psychologist and have proven to be an invaluable asset once the initial postoperative recovery is over.  We have guest speakers each month and any issues are referred on to the appropriate specialist. Meetings by Michele Van Vuuren


BMI Calculator

Body mass index is an formula to establish if you qualify for bariatric surgery For more detail click here.




Why Dr. Phil Lockie?

What makes us different?

Our Team

Our team offers you expert support from beginning to end.


    Dr Phil Lockie - Surgeon


    Shirley Lockie - Perioperative Nurse Surgical Assistant


    Michelle Graham - Dietitian, Nutritionist


    Michele Van Vuuren - Psychologist


    Kym Tangihaere - Receptionist


    Nicole Stevenson - Receptionist

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