Dr Michele Van Vuuren - Psychologist

Psychologist BA (Hlth & Sci) HONS (Soc Sci), M PSYCH (Ed & Dev) MAPS - MCEDP, PhD

Michelle Van Vuuren

PhD Research

My recently completed PhD research program focused on identifying the causes of weight-loss failure for primary, revisional and multiple revisional bariatric-surgery patients.

Phase one comprised of two qualitative studies and informed phase two, a quantitative longitudinal study. The research examined the patients' psychosocial functioning and their perceptions of the psychosocial factors that had contributed to these outcomes.

The studies confirmed the importance of understanding primary and revisional bariatric surgery patients' needs and vulnerabilities, and identified not only their unique psychosocial factors but combinations of factors, and, the increase in intensity of factors that explained these patients' weight loss trajectories.

  • In particular, changes in taste, enjoyment, desire  of flavours are common after sleeve gastrectomy.
  • Further, that emotional eating  predicts weight loss outcome 6 months post sleeve gastrectomy. 

My Role

As part of a multidisciplinary team, my focus is to enable patients to confront emotional and life challenges, in order to promote growth, change and healing in a supportive therapeutic relationship.

I am passionate about assisting my patients live a vital, engaged and fulfilled life. I am a registered Psychologist and a full member of the Australian Psychological Society. I have worked with patients to address a range of difficulties, including anxiety, depression, stress, anger, life style transition problems and trauma.

My therapeutic approach emphasises a holistic perspective of an individual and endeavours to provide a safe and non-judgemental environment to assist a person identify and develop their own individual strengths to overcome the difficulties they are facing.


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