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SADI - single_anastomosis_duodeno_illeal

Single Anastomosis Duodeno-ileal Bypass

Plus or Minus a Sleeve Gastrectomy.

The SADI procedure is the strongest form of bypass that I perform in the practice. It is a new version of an older bypass procedure. It combines a sleeve gastrectomy, although the sleeve is not as tight as a stand alone sleeve gastrectomy, with a distal bypass. The sleeve provides a degree of restriction to the amount food taken in, while the bypass reduces the absorptive capacity of that food. There is less risk of dumping syndrome that can occur after the gastric bypass, because the pylorus muscle is preserved in this operation and the operation also tolerates smoking and anti-inflammatory medication better than a gastric bypass.

What Are The Risks?

However, as it’s a stronger bypass, there is an increased risk of mineral and vitamin deficiencies. It is therefore essential with this operation that patients take their prescribed mineral and vitamin supplements on a regular basis and also have regular follow up and blood tests to make sure that they don’t become deficient in any minerals and vitamins. It is possible with this procedure to become deficient in certain minerals and vitamins that can cause life threatening or life changing complications.

Who Is This Procedure Beneficial For?

The SADI is particularly beneficial for diabetic patients and has the highest resolution in type 2 diabetes. It is also beneficial for super obese patients and has a lower risk of long term weight regain. It is a good revisional procedure for weight regain after a sleeve gastrectomy. as the sleeve can often be left untouched and just connected to the distal bypass reducing the operation time and the need for the revision of the sleeve.

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