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9 Common Weight Loss Myths

You've tried everything: exercise, calorie counting, ketogenic diet, Zumba, and all the weight loss tips you can find on the net, but nothing can seem to shake off those extra pounds. Are they really not working or are you just getting inaccurate information?

Here are common weight loss myths that may be sabotaging your plans:

Myth 1: Supplements are Effective for Weight Loss

Weight loss supplements claim to burn and decrease absorption of fat, but the bad news is that there is research that indicates most weight loss supplements don't work, and in fact, many of them are hazardous to your health. “What people want is to lose weight and maintain or increase lean tissue mass,” researcher Melinda Manore stated. “There is no evidence that any one supplement does this. And some have side effects ranging from the unpleasant, such as bloating and gas, to very serious issues such as strokes and heart problems.” *

Myth 2: Obesity is Strictly About Willpower

This myth was busted by the largest study of its kind. Researchers at the University of Cambridge have found that obesity is not a breakdown in willpower but a matter of biology and genetics.

It appears that people who manage to be slim no matter what they eat are favored by the genetic dice while people suffering from obesity just don't have the same luck. In the same study, hundreds of genes that can increase a person's chances of being obese have been discovered, along with faulty genes that can cause severe obesity among the very young.

"This research shows for the first time that healthy thin people are generally thin because they have a lower burden of genes that increase a person's chances of being overweight and not because they are morally superior, as some people like to suggest," Professor Farooqi said. "It's easy to rush to judgment and criticise people for their weight, but the science shows that things are far more complex. We have far less control over our weight than we might wish to think."**

Myth 3: Fats & Carbs Make You Fat

Is it fat or carbohydrates? The debate rages on, but the truth of the matter is that it is calories, not carbs, not even fat that causes you to gain weight. If you're not mindful of your caloric intake, even fat-free and low-carb foods will be stored in your body as fat. Weight gain, after all, is caused by more caloric intake than energy expenditure.

Myth 4: Commercial Diets Can Help You Lose Weight

There are many "Diet" foods on the market that claim to achieve weight loss. There is a long list of dieting products with unproven, irrational claims. Some of these products work because they contain potent, yet hazardous components, such as thyroid hormone and ephedrine, known to cause rapid heart rate and even death.***

Myth 5: Fasting is Effective for Weight Loss

It's true that eating nothing will result in weight loss for the short term, but fasting can be detrimental to your health. The initial weight that you lose when you fast is not fat, but water. You also stand to lose some muscle mass. When you break your fast, you tend to regain the weight you lost, and a few extra kilos more. Why? Because you tend to binge after starving yourself. Worse, the weight that you regain will most likely be fat, not muscle. To regain the muscle mass you lost, you need to exercise.

Myth 6: ‘Skinny Tea’ is an Effective Weight Loss Method

The problem with skinny teas is that they can cause stomach troubles, cramps, and diarrhea. Obviously, frequent trips to the bathroom can assist with weight loss but did you know that losing weight this way for more than two weeks can cause electrolyte imbalance. This can lead to kidney and liver damage, muscle weakness, as well as heart problems? ****

Myth 7: A Gluten-free Diet will Help you Lose Weight

Unless you have a medical condition that requires you to go gluten-free, you shouldn’t restrict your nutrients. Wheat products, which contain gluten can even be beneficial for weight loss because they have more fiber. Gluten-free pastries can also have more calories because more fat and sugar are added to make the food tastier.

Myth 8: Cleansing Diets can Assist in Weight Loss

There isn't any convincing evidence that detox or cleansing programs remove toxins from your body or improve your health, according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. *****

We have kidneys, a liver, and other organs that can handle detoxification effectively. Weight loss on a detox diet is simply because they are often very low in calories.

Myth 9: All You Have to do to Lose Weight is Exercise More

Exercise Training regardless of weight loss does have numerous health benefits. However, according to studies, both physical activity and caloric restriction is more likely to result in significant weight loss. ******

Despite the daily bombardment of secrets to losing weight, Australia is getting alarmingly fatter, according to recent statistics.*******

Losing weight should never be this difficult. If you are struggling to keep healthy habits, contact us today.

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