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Discharge of Patients from Dr Lockie' Practice

Clarification of Rules Of Discharge of Patients

We have had a few comments over the years regarding the requirement to discharge patients back to their GP’s who’ve not attended for regular follow ups.

We strongly believe it is important that patients have regular follow up, for long term weight maintenance and management of vitamin and mineral issues, particularly in the first 2 years.

Thereafter, we like to touch base with our patients on an annual basis to see how they are going and to check those blood tests.

We do understand that some patients don’t wish to continue long term follow up with the Practice and if that is the case, if you inform us we will remove you from our recall system.

However, if you remain in our recall system and have not attended for follow up after 2 reminder letters, I am obliged by my Medical Indemnity Company to formally discharge you back to your General Practitioner.

This process involves letters to

  • your General Practitioner and
  • to you as the patient.

I trust patients will understand that this is not in any way a personal issue but is a medical legal requirement by my insurance company.

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